The Producers’ Hub

Long-term support for Luton creatives, producers and programmers.

The Producers’ Hub brings world-class producers to Luton, giving local creatives, producers and programmers access to their unique skills.

We have created the Producers’ Hub in partnership with 1DegreeEast (a producer-led initiative focused on supporting artists to create ambitious, high-quality performing arts in the region).

Professional development for local creatives, producers and programmers

The Producers’ Hub helps Luton creatives, producers and programmers take their work to the next level though:

  • mentoring and advice
  • practical support to develop projects
  • continuing professional development (CPD)
  • long-term support.

Echoes of Diaspora was a project from local creative producer Imrana Mahmood. Made possible with help from the Producers' Hub, it explored the stories of British Muslim women.

Helping make large-scale events happen in Luton

The Producers’ Hub helps make large-scale events happen in Luton, including Diwali in Luton and Polonia Festival.

The Producer’s Hub:

  • helps bring in funding for large-scale events
  • offers events programmers and producer advice and practical support to develop projects.

The Producers’ Hub is based at the Hat Factory.

Get involved

The best way to access the Producers' Hub at the moment is to apply for a Kickstarter Mini Commission. If your application is successful, you will get support from the Producers’ Hub as part of the commission.

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