Matrix Co-Lab Commissions

What are Matrix Co-Lab Commissions?

Revoluton Arts’ Co-Lab Commissions are investments of £2000 available to creative organisations or creative individuals who live or work in Luton, and who want to work collaboratively with another creative.

As we emerge from the digital world into real life the Co-Lab commissions challenge our creative community to help us imaginate, ideate and collaborate to explore what our creative sector could look like next. On the one hand, the digital world has opened up creativity and participation for audiences in new ways; and for many digital has been a period of digital exclusion and creative isolation.

So we are inviting you to explore what is the space in between? What impact has digital had on our practice, how we collaborate and how we reach audiences? If you are interested in exploring this question with us – then this is the commission for you.

As well as financial help, a Matrix Commission will also offer a session from a Health and Safety professional who will advise on how to deliver your event safely whether offline or online.

Who can apply?

• Creative collaborators from any discipline

• We envisage these commissions to be between 2 collaborators, however if your proposal is for more than 2 collaborators, please indicate how you ensure fair and equitable payment in your proposal

To be eligible for a Matrix Commission, you must:

• be over 18 and

• live or work in Luton

• Be a collaboration between another creative or creative organisation

• Be signed up to Revoluton Arts Matrix online – you can sign up here if you’re not already registered.

What types of projects/outcomes are eligible?

• A project commission that explores the space in between live and digital practice - and addresses the changing ways that we need to approach event/activities in response to Covid 19 and lessons learnt.

• Test and pilot of new ideas in collaboration with another Matrix artist.

• Your project/outcome must also be deliverable in by 4th August

• All activities should be covid safe and will only go ahead with sign off from Revoluton’s Health and Safety professional who will assess each project.

What can I use the investment for?

You could use the investment to:

• Put on a new event in Luton and explore if it can be delivered both online and offline.

• Test new work and/or ways of delivering work

• or something else — you tell us what would make the difference!

What do I need to do as part of a Matrix Commission?

If you are successful in securing a Matrix Commission, as well as delivering your project/outcome we will ask you to do some other things. These are to help us tell the story of your project, evaluate its success and explore how it could be developed further.

We will ask you to:

Register and have a profile on The Matrix (Revoluton’s online platform for Luton creatives).

• Write some words and provide photos/videos to help us tell the story of your commission on our website and social media, including:

o write a short description of your project

o provide a photo(s) that represents your project

o write a short blog about your commission

• Report back on any audience and participant engagement

• Present your project at our Matrix Commissions Final Creative Café — an evening showcase and discussion event for local creatives exploring online and offline activities – Thu 5th August date & time to be confirmed. This event will take place online

• Have a check-in with Revoluton Arts midway through the project to discuss how it’s going.

How are successful applicants chosen?

Applications are selected by a panel comprising Revoluton Arts, and representatives from local creative groups

We will be looking at:

• Response to the brief

• Depth of collaboration

• Willingness to experiment, be curious and have creative fun

How many Matrix Commissions are available?

We have 4 commissions available of up to £2000 per collaboration

How do I apply for a Matrix Commission?

Please complete the form or add a short video (no more than 8mins) to the form.

We ask:

1. About you and who you are collaborating with

2. About your joint-project

3. How it will make a difference to Luton’s citizens — or your own creative practices.

4. How much investment you’re applying for (up to £2000)

5. A basic break-down of how you intend to spend the commission investment

6. When you’ll start and finish your project

7. Your contact details.

Deadline for applications: 10th June

Please note: application submissions have closed

Key dates

• Weds 16th June 2021 - Successful applicants notified.

• Weds 4th August 2021 - Your project must be completed:

• Thurs 5th August 2021 - Present your project at the Matrix Commissions Final Creative Café.

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