Marsh Farm Residency

Putting the ART back into the heART of local democracy

Our Marsh Farm residency is a cultural programme that aims to:

  • celebrate the creativity unique to Marsh Farm
  • explore how arts and creativity can be used to ‘spice up’ local democracy
  • cultivate a sense of ‘ownpowerment’
  • inspire more people to participate in arts and creativity — whether as an audience member, or a maker or performer.

To do this, we’re working in collaboration with the people who live and work in Marsh Farm to design a programme of events, activities and projects that reflect its distinctive voice.

We’ve commissioned Marsh Farm Outreach to work with local people and help shape the programme.

An evening of performance, debate and public art at Marsh House inspired by the title of the building's new mural, United We Stand … Together We Rise …

Hosted by Revoluton Arts in collaboration with Marsh Farm Outreach.

Case study on our Marsh Farm Residency

Learn more about the methods and approaches of our Marsh Farm Residency in this case study written by Dr Ruth Melville.

Read the case study on our Marsh Farm Residency .

Get involved

Do you live or work in Marsh Farm?

Would you like to:

  • have your say on the creative scene in Marsh Farm?
  • find out about creative events and activities in the area?
  • share your ideas on how creativity can be used to ‘spice up’ local democracy?
  • use or showcase your creative skills or work?

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Furhaad Ahmed, Project Coordinator

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United We Stand - Together We Rise

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