Alva Wilson

Alva Wilson - Visual Artist, Milliner, Photographer and up - cyclist

Profile Type: Individual
2019 - Present - LU4 Creative, a community project for sheltered housing residents and their siblings funded by The Arts Council of England. Developing experimental hat making techniques using recyclable materials to rekindle practical skills as well as combat social isolation within our community - harnessing Luton's diverse culture and heritage.

2016 - 2019 - Artist in residence at Bedfordshire University, developing artistic skills through practicing different creative genres on site. Co-founder of The Hat Gallery, Broadway Market, London. An eclectic mix of fashion, art and photography promoting Luton artists as well as conceptual, interactive creative concepts.

Collaboration with Flamingo Arts, The Hatters Football Club and Vauxhall motors to facilitate hat making workshops within Luton. During this period I co-founded The British Hat Guild - a collective of the best UK milliners in the UK.

Looking for collaboration with a cross section of genres; Dance, Theatre, Video and Film. To enhance participants self-esteem, self development and opportunities within the creative sector - as well as myself.



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